LiveTrace Technology

A web-based system allowing growers to track deliveries and maintain continuity of supply

What is LiveTrace?

LiveTrace designs and builds cloud databases for potato and vegetable merchants.

LiveTrace connectivity is achieved initially through mobile apps that start the process of traceability and provenance. Merchants or end-users operating these platforms will significantly increase their operational efficiencies.

Connecting farms with the rest of the supply chain

We have several large fully operating Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms running commercially. These manage 750,000+ tonnes of potatoes per season.

LiveTrace technology brings together the farm’s information to connect them with the rest of the supply chain.

Features of LiveTrace

Personalised dashboard allows each individual to easily view the most important information for them.

Weather station integration allows for monitoring and predicting.

Audit reports are viewable giving entire history of each delivery for provenance.

Monitor the situation of each crop and store.

View crop images for each field or supplier for reference.

The technology behind LiveTrace

Software-as-a-service function provides a multi-tenancy account platform to integrate third party cloud software into one place.

Using portals, each account type provides relevant functionality to each account. These are merchants, growers, customers, hauliers, store foggers and agronomists. Unique dashboards are customisable to display snapshots of crop growing KPIs, store performance, contract compliance, weather, carbon score and much more. Digital traceability, paperless tickets, transport GPS tracking, full integration into Farmplan Gatekeeper or Muddyboots GLGM and John Deere Op Centre.

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